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All Saints is the Parish Church of Bingley, a beautiful market town in West Yorkshire. It is an ancient church which has served the congregation and people of Bingley for over a thousand years. We continue in prayer and worship, in the breaking of bread, in baptisms, confirmations, marriages and funerals.

At key moments people turn to their Parish Church: in joy and celebration and at times of profound sadness. When there are national and international disasters, in war and peace, All Saints remains a significant Christian

At All Saints people can explore their faith and ask the hard questions of life. It is a place of learning where people can grow in their knowledge of God.  It is a safe place where people can bring their anger, hurts and disappointments as well as their hopes, dreams and thanksgivings.  At All Saints horizons are widened, doubt can be turned to faith, despair to hope and fear to love.  It is a lively church where children are cherished and nurtured spiritually and it is a social place where people make good and lasting friendships.

Our Church has a vital role in the community. Clergy and laity go out from the church to visit the sick, the elderly and isolated; they take the Sacrament to the housebound and to nursing and residential homes, they befriend those with dementia and minister to the bereaved. They work with local schools and places of learning and they visit the workplace.   

We have a team to counsel couples preparing for marriage and to assist people in difficulty. All Saints will not shirk from speaking out against injustice and serves as a voice to the voiceless.

Our doors are open during the day. To anyone who would enter, sanctuary and peace is to be found in the presence of God.

We hope you enjoy our website and find the information you are looking for. We hope you come and visit us.

With our Blessings.