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Martyn was previously assistant curate at Selby Abbey in North Yorkshire, where he served for four years.

Ordained in 2012 at York Minster, Martyn read Theology at Durham University and trained for the priesthood at Cranmer Hall, St John’s College Durham. Prior to ordination, Martyn, a graduate Civil Engineer, worked in senior management roles within the rail industry.



CANON BRUCE GRAINGER - a friend of All Saints     

Bruce was originally a medical student up to 2nd MB:BS. After experiencing a call to ordained ministry, he did 2 years National Service in the army, ending as Assistant Adjutant of a Royal Signals unit. Having been accepted for ordination training, Bruce spent 3 years reading Theology at Nottingham University leaving with a BA(hons) degree training, he then spent 2 years at Cuddesdon Theological College where he also did some teacher training before being ordained Deacon in Bradford Cathedral to serve at All Saints Bingley. After a year, he was ordained priest in 1965 and given full charge of St Aidan’s Crossflatts where he established a strong choir of boys and adults. After three years in Bingley he moved on to become chaplain of the King’s School Canterbury where he taught Biology, Chemistry and Religious Studies as well as becoming a Minor Canon of the Cathedral with duties singing the priest’s part in some of the regular services. Five years later, Bishop Michael Parker ‘summoned’ him back to Bradford to become Vicar of Baildon. There he and his growing family were to spend 16 happy years. During this time Bruce did an MA, with a thesis on Science and Religion. He also lectured on the Northern Ordination Course in Old Testament Studies for 11 years, as well as becoming a selector of ordinands for the C.of E. Board for Ministry. In 1982 he was elected to the Church of England’s General Synod and subsequently became Bradford’s chair of the House of Clergy and an Honorary Canon of our Cathedral. In 1988 Bruce moved to be Vicar of Oxenhope and Diocesan Director of Ordinands. After 8 years he became Diocesan Ecumenical Officer while remaining  Vicar. Alongside this he was appointed part time tutor in Hebrew in Bradford University.  Retiring from the parish in 2004, Bruce became a Canon Emeritus and was soon appointed as one of the five Canons who were to look after the Cathedral during an interregnum lasting nearly 2 years. There he was a founder of the Bradford Cathedral Music Trust and until recently was its chair. In July 2015 the Dean and Bishop Nick invited Bruce to be a Cathedral Chaplain “to recognise what you already do for our Cathedral”.
His outside interests include singing and conducting, clock repairing and caring for a vintage car and an old motorbike.



REVD RUTH DOWSON - Assistant Curate

Our part-time Curate is Reverend Ruth Dowson, who has joined us at All Saints for the final year of her curacy, having previously spent three years as Assistant Curate at St John the Baptist, Clayton, Bradford. Ruth also works full-time, as a Senior Lecturer at the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett University.


REVD JOHN NIXON - a friend of All Saints

John left Leeds in 1960 with a degree in Civil Engineering. For the next sixteen years he designed and built roads, bridges and drainage systems in Kent, Lancashire and the London Green Belt.
However, his father’s death in 1971 and a friendship with a onetime Tokyo bank manager led him to ask questions which in turn led, in 1976, to Lincoln Theological College.
Two years later, aged 40, John became a curate in Rugby, a parish with four daughter churches. When he left 19in 87, Rugby Parish had become Rugby Team Ministry with six churches in the group.
Whilst there, John learnt a little of hospital chaplaincy; police chaplaincy; ecclesiastical courts; parish magazine editing and reordering churches. He also discovered
how to work with seven clergy colleagues of whom two were women deacons waiting to be priested. His favourite occupation had become creating, what he hoped was, enjoyable and thought provoking liturgy
In 1998  John was appointed Interim Pastor of St David’s Episcopal Church, Topeka with s congregation of over 500.
On Ash Wednesday 2001, John became Interim Pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri.
John’s third and last position with the Episcopal Church was not so much an appointment as a sidle-in. Discovering, in October 2004, a small, forty member,
church suffering from a traumatic membership loss, John offered his services and was accepted. His ten year tenure was never official and can best be described as permanent supply priest.
Finally the Diocese found a local priest for St Francis’, Overland Park and John retired on Christ the King Sunday (once called Stir Up Sunday) 2014 after thirty six years of ministry. He returned to England shortly after.

John likes to describe his theology as vaguely radical catholic. His current thinking is based on the Book of Ecclesiastes; John’s Gospel with particular emphasis on the first fourteen verses; the prayer which begins “Teach us good Lord to serve you as you deserve”; the words attributed to Teresa of Avila beginning “Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours”; Jack Spong’s writings and John Betjeman’s poem Christmas.
For relaxation John reads, listens to Radio 4 and jazz CDs, walks a lot, indulges in Industrial Archaeology which means playing trains (he has driven several steam engines) and studying tramways and canals at close quarters; tune ringing s on hand bells; tower bell ringing (his favourite hobby) and  solving the more difficult Sudokus.